Husband + Wife Duo Take Over the Gig Economy in College Station

With a strong background in real estate entrepreneurship, Brandon and Britney Schielack are now scaling the tech industry. The powerduo created The PlatForum, allowing them to hire tenants for entrepreneurial capabilities, e.g., marketing, creative design, and labor. The PlatForum connects local, regional and national businesses to everyday people, including college students, for “gig work”.  The Gig Economy is currently one of the fastest growing technology verticals. The total amount spent by customers last year on these types of consumer services topped $57 billion in 2017, according to the media research firm BIA Advisory Services. And the trend only promises to continue upward, with BIA projecting that the entire on-demand industry is still relatively new and is only serving a little more than 7 percent of its potential audience. (source)


"We started hiring students for gig work about 6 years ago. In 2016 we had about 120 students work within our companies doing task based work. Some for 3 hours on a project. Some for 15-20 hours a week in a more operations role. Last year we started building the technology to help us manage what we were doing. On January 1, we launched a beta where any company and any student could hire and be connected."

The Schielack's recently received an elite invitation to Startup Grind's annual global conference in Silicon Valley. Over 7000 entrepreneurs will meet in Silicon Valley for 2 days of sessions led by top CEO's and influencers, dynamic networking events, meetings with investors, access to invaluable resources, and more. 

Brandon's advice to students: "Go to LinkedIn and connect with every alumni that has the job you want. Take it a step further and ask them what you can do from your dorm or library to help them with their business, and gain relevant work experience." 

When asked what the company's biggest struggle was, Brandon replied "Getting our message to match our vision. We see what we want to do with it (self-sustained communities), putting that into a message has been our challenge." 

At the rate the company has grown in the past two years, this problem will be quickly resolved. Since their initial startup in 2016, the Schielack's have seen a 700% increase in net growth.

You can check out the PlatForum here:

Mia Valdez